Are you prepared to be safe this winter?

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Upon Winter Arriving

Okay, well winter is here. It's currently playing the game "Let's see how cold it can get" even as we speak. Though there isn't a lot you can do about winter. It is here, whether you like it or not. The only people who are really enjoying winter is the Winter X Games athletes, ski slopes, Winter Olympic training locations, X Games competition locations, and where Rocky Balboa enjoys training. While we aren't training in the snow life goes on for us having to work and get to work! We don't function well in the ice and snow. Winter is always finding a way to slow us down. Winter storms make us late to everything like to drop the kids off, to and much more. The cold weather can even get us sick from not preparing to wear the right clothes and accessories.

Why It Is Really Absolute Zero Fun, Sir?

Isn't the biggest annoyance has to be waking up super early to a frozen windshield? Next warming the car, then pouring lukewarm water on the windshield, and after that wipe the ice off. That is if the ice or frost decides to play nice if not this could take a lot of time. Sometimes the ice can take multiple trips to clear a visible spot to see. Now you are cold and going to get sick because you did it with wet shower hair and slippers. So what if I told you there is a chance for frost every night the temperatures stay under 32 degrees (F) after sunrise.

The Facts

Frost is a nasty quality of winter that isn't safe and wastes your time! Dew formation is the beginning of frost formation. You may not know this, but it's actually the morning dew freezing on your window. The low temperatures turn dew into frost or ice. When the sun goes down, the air temperature dew drops dramatically. The temperatures drop for both the dew and glass windshield. The drop in temperature causes the molecules to slow down, and if it is cold enough it becomes frozen! Frost is common on glass and metal because both cannot hold heat or maintain it. The process is called transduction, and is where heat is lost rapidly. This makes glass and metal perfect candidates for frost in even cool weather.

Did you know?

That frost routinely occurs, vehicle owners with ice/frost to deal with. If you have frost in your field of vision, it is just plain dangerous. You are unable to see what you should such as other vehicles, walkers, bicycle riders, and pets.

There are laws that say if you drive with a partially cleared window you can be fined. The tickets can be labeled as having a visual obstruction. They can also tack on more fines like reckless driving, and worse if someone is hurt in the process. So don't let this happen to you. Prepare for all the blues winter brings.

Admitting You Have A Problem, But There Is A Solution

No one is pointing fingers, and no one is at fault frost just happens. Winter is giggling in the backyard as you are dousing your car with cool water in your night rob and slippers. There is a solution to this cycle. We can help you with this problem. We can take you through the process. It doesn't have to take 20 to 30 minutes to deice your vehicle. The hands-on process is no longer necessary. Stop busting your knuckles scraping ice and becoming late for work! Well unless you enjoy it then keep right on doing it! Those who are looking for a smarter not harder advantage there is something for you.

There is the Frost Guard cover which is here to save your day, time, job, knuckles, fingers, skin, and immune system. The Frost Guard is a wintertime protective windshield cover that prevents the frost cycle from taking place. This cover prevents the formation of ice and frost. Never allow yourself to scrape frost, ice or snow again. So no more being late to work waiting for your car to melt the ice itself. No more winter hurdles! Well, one less hurdle to worry about. Be safe this winter. Be smart with your time!

The best thing you can do is get your frost guard today right here

Winter may come, but you are ready now.

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