Carolina Prime Pet


We all want the best for our pets, right? After all, they give us so much love, affection, and companionship, and ask nothing return. That is, nothing other than food, water, and the occasional belly scratch. So why not reward them with a delicious and nutritious treat? 

One of our featured pet brands Carolina Prime, offers a line of all natural, healthy, tasty, Made in the USA pet treats. Nothing says it better than the "Carolina Prime Promise": Quality + Value + Made in the USA = the Carolina Prime Promise. 

Here are some of our favorite items from their line. Order some today, and show your furry friends how much you care!

Carolina Prime All Natural Sweet Tater Fries - Loaded with Beta Carotene, Vitamins A and C AND great taste too.

Carolina Prime Oven Baked Salmon Jerky for Dogs - Rather be fishing? These treats are made from Alaskan salmon, and promote cardiovascular health, skin & coat condition, joint health and brain & nerve function.

Carolina Prime Chicken Breast & Sweet Tater Fillets - Looking for a treat with ingredients you can pronounce? This one has just three simple ingredients: Chicken breast, sweet potatoes, and salt. Done!

Give them a try and we bet Carolina Prime pet treats will become a staple in your house!