What is a "Firefly Deal"? Why is it so special?

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So the big question is why Firefly Buys®?

"The Firefly Deal" comes with seven vital components that make our deals like no deal you've seen before!

  1. Great Prices
  2. 1st quality merchandise
  3. Fast shipments
  4. Free shipping insurance
  5. Shipping confirmation and tracking
  6. Satisfaction Guaranteed
  7. Premium customer service

The Firefly team has decades of experience in the retail industry! So we've learned where to find the best products on the market at a price you deserve, and most importantly we've learned how to treat YOU, our customer! We will only provide the best of the best for our customers. 

We work extremely hard to find the best deals so you don't have to! The other great thing is that we often purchase items below the wholesale mark, and we proudly pass the savings on to you! 

Nothing makes us more happy than to pass on the "Firefly Deal" that we caught just for you! 

So where do we get the products? 

All of our items are purchase from only the most trusted and respected national US retailers, or directly from the manufacturer, or other respected distributors. 

This allows you to breathe easy and confidently buying from us, knowing we only have first quality products! 

I know what you are thinking, this is just to good to be true, but wait, there is more!

Over the years we have found that every customer deserves a speedy delivery. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, so almost every order is shipped the same day, or the next day! 

We also provide FREE shipping insurance with every order! We want to make sure that on the rare occasion one of these issues do arise you are not unhappy with your experience with us. That is why we cover the cost of insurance for you!

Next we add more yes even more! Every order has shipping confirmation and tracking to further the satisfaction chain. We not only confirm your order but we allow you to watch it all the way until it reaches you! This applies to all domestic shipments, and some international shipments.

We want you to be happy throughout your shopping experience with us. Here at Firefly we offer 30 day (starting at confirmation notice) returns and refunds.

Then topped off with premium customer service, provided by people who really care.

Shocked? Don't be. We will only have the best for you. 

We pride ourselves in taking it the extra mile to make sure you love what you buy and get it on time!

Welcome to the Firefly experience!

We will spoil you, and you won't find anything like us online! 

So we will jar up all of the Firefly deals! They are waiting for you. 

On that note! Happy shopping, and we hope you enjoy everything you get from us!


The Firefly Team!