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Noggle - Extend Hot and Cold Air from Your Dash AC Vent to Kids in The Back Seat - Summer and Winter Vehicle Baby Traveling System to Keep Children Comfortable in The Car - 6ft, Kaleidoscope

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The Noggle is a patented solution for controlling air temperature in your car's backseat to help make it comfortable for all passengers, and especially children.

If you’ve ever experienced the scorching summer heat in States such as Florida, Arizona and Nevada, or the freezing cold temperatures of Minnesota and Maine, you’ll understand that maintaining a comfortable temperature in your car's backseat is next to impossible. The Noggle goes to work in seconds, helping to prevent uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous car rides for babies and children in these extreme temperatures. It’s a must-have car accessory for traveling with a baby.

The Noggle is here to help you. The patented vent connection connects to your dash and sends air direct from the dashboard to your children in the backseat, providing a controlled distribution of air throughout your vehicle. It works for both forward and rear facing carseats, as well as booster seats. Why not use it to keep your pets comfortable too.

The Noggle system installs easily and will work on nearly any vehicle. The Noggle comes in various lengths: 6ft, 8 ft and 10ft. Each purchase includes both a circular and rectangular vent adapter and it is available in a variety of patterns and colors. The end of the tubing will attach to many places in your vehicle, such as the back of the headrest, car seat, backseat handle, rear seat belt and booster seat. Children also love holding the Noggle in their hands. The Noggle also features a quick disconnect system, allowing you to easily remove the Noggle from the dash when you are traveling alone or when the car is at the desired temperature.

The Noggle – making the back seat cool again.

  • Cooling Down The Summer Car Ride - no more sweaty or uncomfortable kids or pets. The Noggle car air vent extender is the ultimate road trip essential to quickly get cool or warm air (in the winter) to your backseat passengers in the second or third row seating of your vehicle
  • Get More Air To The Back - the Noggle air conditioning for back seat extends air direct from the air vent to your little ones in a rear facing convertible car seat, infant car seat, booster seats, and more. This car vent extender ac vent tube for car will work on nearly any vehicle
  • Quick And Easy To Use - with no tools required, this Noggle car ac vent extender installs in less than 30 seconds and is great for those vehicles without the back vent. Simply loop, secure, and turn. Includes rectangular and circular dash plate connection adapter that works in most vehicles
  • Decorative Covers Are Also Functional - this versatile car seat cooler tube for cars is available in a variety of lengths and cover designs with loops on the end that can attach to the back of the headrest, the car seat, or backseat handle. Stores away neatly when not in use
  • 6 Foot Length, Kaleidoscope Design - purchase peace of mind with the Noggle car air conditioner extender when traveling with kids to keep temperatures comfortable, so you can focus more on driving. The only vehicle comfort system that is CPSIA tested and approved