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Gargle Water Salt Rinse Mouthwash, 12 fl Oz. Natural Remedy for Irritated Throat. Soothe The Throat with Formula Free of Alcohol, Drugs, or Dyes. Mix of USP-Grade Sodium Chloride and Purified Water

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Salt and water is an old remedy, but you don't have time to prepare it. We did it for you: the perfect amount of each ingredient and conveniently bottled. Forget about the mess. Gargle Water is ready to use, a must-have staple for your medicine cabinet. Salt is a neutralizer of acids. Neutralizing acids means reduced bacteria and fewer fungal infections.

  • CDC And Mayo Clinic Recommended Sore Throat Rinse - Gargle Water Salt Rinse is your friendly way for scratch, sore throat relief without the messy mixing. This sore throat gargle water promotes oral health for the whole family that is free of drugs, dyes, or alcohol.
  • Start A Healthy Routine For Your Throat - Adding this salt water rinse to your oral health routine can help fight bad breath, soothe toothaches, canker sores, inflamed gums, help singers throat, provide itchy throat relief, and more.
  • Throat Care For Your Family - This physician developed gargle solution will quickly become a staple in your household. Gargling takes little effort but gives you big results as it pulls fluids from tissues, soothing and relieving your mouth and throat.
  • Easy To Use - Get natural relief without the harmful ingredients. Just pour about a quarter of glass right out of the bottle and gargle away for 30 seconds with your head back. Then swish the natural mouth wash around your gums and teeth before you spit it out. Do it at least once a day.
  • The Naturel Power of Gargling With Saltwater Conveniently Bottled - Forget about dirty spoons, not knowing the right measurements, or salt containers in the bathroom. Now you get the right hygienic solution every time with this perfect mix of USP-grade Sodium Chloride and clear purified water.

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