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Bear Paws Meat Claws, 2 Pairs (Black) - The Original Meat Shredder Claws, USA Made - Easily Lift, Shred and Serve Meats - Ultra-Sharp, Ideal Meat Claws for Shredding Pulled Pork, Chicken and Beef

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BEAR PAW PRODUCTS are the original, must-have BBQ accessory. A longtime favorite of BBQ experts across the nation, BEAR PAW PRODUCTS are specially designed for lifting and shredding meat. Channel your inner grizzly with the only meat shredding tool that fits your hands perfectly, acting as an extension of your arms and allowing you to shred meat without getting burned or melting your tools. The super-sharp, meat-shredding –claws” are strategically spaced so meat wonêt get stuck. BEAR PAW PRODUCTS offer a much better way to shred meat than the traditional knife and fork. Thanks to super-strong nylon construction, which is much harder and stronger than plastic, BEAR PAW PRODUCTS are heat-resistant up to 475 degrees, so you never have to worry about them melting from the heat of your meat. BEAR PAW PRODUCTS are BPA-free for safe food handling. Each Paw is made of a single piece of hard nylon, so there arenêt tiny pieces to disassemble and wash by hand. In fact, BEAR PAW PRODUCTS are dishwasher safe on the top rack, making for the easiest cleanup ever. Youêll never run out of uses for your BEAR PAW PRODUCTS. Originally designed as the perfect tool for pulling pork, BEAR PAW PRODUCTS are also ideal for lifting and shredding chicken, brisket, beef, pork, turkey, or whatever else suits your fancy on the grill. Theyêre great for tossing salads and even handy as turkey lifters. BEAR PAW PRODUCTS are the best accessory for your grill, smoker, or kitchen, and they make great gifts for BBQ fanatics. Experience the best with BEAR PAW PRODUCTS. Weêve been named The Best BBQ Tool by the National BBQ Association, and have been featured on TV on BBQ Pitmasters, Americaês Test Kitchen, and Guy Fieriês Dinerês, Drive-Ins, and Dives. BEAR PAW PRODUCTS are 100% made in the USA and we proudly sponsor BBQ competitions and events across the country. For a reputation that canêt be beaten, go with the REAL BEAR PAW PRODUCTS.

  • Bear Paws, The Original Meat Shredder Claws – Channel your inner Grizzly and achieve perfectly shredded meat, the fun way. Bear Paws are the ultimate multi-use BBQ tool that helps you Lift, Shred & Serve your favorite meats. Proudly made in the USA since 1993.
  • Ditch the Knife and Fork – Bear Paws are the easy (and fun) way to prepare pulled pork, beef brisket, shredded chicken and turkey in record time. Our unique design gives you a comfortable and safe grip for handling these super-sharp shredding blades.
  • Trust Bear Paws – Made from BPA free, food-safe nylon plastic that won’t leak toxic chemicals into your food. Heat-resistant and meltproof up to a scorching 475 F. An ideal gift for your Grizzly Bear husband or father who doesn’t need another pair of socks.
  • Easy Cleanup – Minimize mess at the end of your next cookout. The claw’s simple design won't trap food, plus they are dishwasher safe to make cleanup a breeze. Includes a pair of claws, one for each hand. Available in various colors.
  • Superior Shredders – The original and the best meat shredding claws -- cheap imitators can’t replicate our USA-made quality utensil. That’s why we’ve won awards from the National Barbeque Association and are used by Pitmasters across America.

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