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Faucet Grip Outdoor Faucet Water Spigot Handle, 2 Pack - Provides a Firm Grip & Leverage to Turn Your Outdoor Faucet Handle On/Off - Attaches to Most Round or Oval Handles - Hardware Included

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Faucet Grip is a unique and innovative patented product that is simple in design yet solves one of the most gripping problems encountered by millions of people. A hose bib knob can be very difficult to turn on and off. This is particularly true for people with impaired hands due to age, arthritis or even just when wet. Faucet Grip attaches quickly and easily to your existing round or oval latticework type faucet handles. Faucet Grip provides more than sufficient leverage so that anyone can tighten the faucet to eliminate wasteful water leaks but also makes it easy to turn the water back on even when the faucet has been in the closed position for weeks or even months. Faucet Grip is made from durable, UV protected plastic that will provide decades of service. Faucet Grip comes in a convenient 1 pack with included hardware. Everyone can either benefit from Faucet Grip or knows someone who can. Faucet Grip makes an excellent gift; it’s unique, useful, and economical. Faucet Grip requires at least 2.5 inches of clearance from the center of the valve to the nearest obstruction so be sure and measure before you order.

  • Quick & Easy to Attach - This simple solution can attach to round or oval lattice work handles ONLY with the included hardware (2 nuts/bolts). Will NOT attach to "T" type handles. Please review images to ensure Faucet Grip will work with your faucet
  • Get A Good Grip with Faucet Grip - An ergonomically designed, patented garden hose bib handle that attaches to the top of your existing outdoor water faucet to provide extra leverage to easily turn your outdoor spigot On or Off
  • Perfect for Weak or Wet Hands - When outdoor faucets are wet, slippery, cold, or simply old, they can be difficult to grip for users with arthritis and decreased hand strength due to age. This outdoor faucet handle attachment makes a great gift for family and friends
  • Attaches To Your Existing Hose Faucet - Each Faucet Grip outdoor water spigot handle is made from high density, weather resistant HDPE plastic that will last a lifetime. Handle measures: 4.45 inches long, 1.9 inches wide, 0.5 inch high
  • Helps Prevent Dripping - Help eliminate wasteful water leaks to save money and water. Simply position grip on an outdoor water spigot, insert screws and tighten nuts. There should be 2.5 inches of clearance from the center of your handle to any wall or other obstruction. You may need to add washers for handles with oversize holes

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