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Fozlock Outdoor Faucet Lock System - Insulated Water Spigot Lock and Garden Hose Bib Lock With Cover, Stainless Steel - Prevent Water Theft and Stop Unauthorized Water Use, Easy Installation

3.22 LBS
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Protecting your water, your property and your wallet is a top priority. Don’t place your trust in just any lockout system. Trust the proven, award winning Fozlock Faucet Lockout System for your outdoor water spigots. Fozlock is a superior faucet locking system that provides you with the peace of mind that you deserve. It provides total faucet coverage and is the ideal security solution for unattended private homes, vacation properties, rental properties, schools and more. Fozlock provides protection from vandals and unauthorized water users because the entire faucet is covered, not accessible and out of sight. Save money and stop worrying about water theft or surprise utility bill fluctuations. It also prevents unintentional (or intentional) running faucets. It fits all regulation anti-siphon devices attached to the faucet/hose bib, and the tamper-proof design with built-in internal lip prevents prying open the unit. Why is Fozlock superior? The insulation also protects against extreme temperature changes, especially important in the winter for unattended properties. Made of stainless steel with a rust-proof, weatherproof coating that blends in with the surroundings. Fozlock installs in seconds and no tools are required. One install and you’re done, season after season. Other products require that you screw off the lock, use the hose bibb and then reattach the lock. This takes unnecessary time and increases the risk that it may not be locked up after use. With Fozlock, simply remove your padlock, open the casing and you’re ready to go. Fozlock fits all wall mount faucets and hose bibs of 1/2 inch and 3/4 inch size. A padlock is required to secure the Fozlock system once installed. A padlock IS NOT provided with your purchase and must be supplied separately. A padlock with a 3/8 shank is recommended.

  • Outdoor Water Spigot Lock – Fozlock protects homeowners from unauthorized outdoor faucet water usage, alongside providing seasonal insulation. Prevent water theft, and conserve water and your money!
  • Who Needs Fozlock? – Ideal for your outdoor faucet at residential homes, unoccupied and rental properties, office buildings, restaurants and more. Unlike plastic devices, the Fozlock hose bib lock and cover has a solid steel construction with rust resistant coating.
  • Forget Water Vandalism – You no longer need to worry about surprise utility bill fluctuations or interference with your garden hose. The entire faucet is out of sight and covered, perfect for unsupervised faucets.
  • Easy Installation – Fits to your faucet in seconds, no tools are required. Locks with a standard padlock (not included - please supply separately). Reusable season after season.
  • Fits Most Faucets – The outdoor faucet cover lock fits most wall mount faucets and hose bibbs with 0.5 and 0.75 inch pipe sizes. Remember to check your faucet size before ordering.

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