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Petkin Bamboo Pet Ear Wipes, 80 Moist Wipes - Soft Bamboo Cloth Pet Ear Cleaner Wipes Sooth & Deodorize to Remove Dirt, Odor, & Wax - Safe & Easy to Use Pet Wipes for Dogs, Cats, Puppies & Kittens

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Bamboo Eco Ear Wipes provide the most convenient way to keep your pet's ears clean and healthy. The soft bamboo cloth pet wipes contain a gentle formula that removes dirt, wax and discharge found around the ears to help prevent odor, itching and irritation.

  • Petkins Pet Ear Wipes For Dogs & Cats - bamboo eco ear wipes for pets to quickly and conveniently clean and deodorize pet's ears. The soothing formula works to gently remove dirt, wax, and discharge found around the ears. Contains 1 pack of 80 – 4.3 x 6.7-inch wipes
  • Keep Your Pet's Ears Clean and Healthy - these Petkins Pet Wipes are gentle enough to use every day around your pet's ear to prevent odor, itching and irritations that can cause discomfort and infection. Natural, non-toxic pet ear cleaner to use as cat ear wipes
  • Veterinarian Approved - the easy-to-use ear cleaning wipes are moistened with pure witch hazel, aloe vera gel, Chlorhexidine Gluconate, and botanical extracts. Add these dog ear wipes/cat ear wipes to your cat grooming supply kit. No parabens or sulfates.
  • Keep Those Ears Squeaky Clean - you heard that right! Whether your furry friend has ear wax or just needs a quick clean-up, Petkin ear wipes will leave your pet feeling clean and happy with a refreshing solution gently remove dirt and debris from your pet's sensitive areas
  • Safe, Convenient, Easy to Use Ear Wipes for Pets - to use, just open the lid, pull out a wipe and clean dirty spots off your pet without water or rinsing—it’s just that easy! Resealable snap-lid canister keeps unused wipes moist, ready for use, and ideal for at home and pet travel

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