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SNO PRO by Sno Brum Commercial Grade Snow Removal Tool with 48" Handle–Clear snow off hundreds of cars, trucks, and other vehicles quickly without scratching paint or damaging accessories

$29.98 - $99.98
31.00 LBS
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Crafted with industrial grade polyethylene foam SNO PRO’s molded head endures harsh winter elements while clearing hundreds of vehicles. SNO PRO was awarded top ratings from an independent testing lab for non-abrasive, freeze resistant and durable performance. This product is a proven time saver and excels in getting the job done effectively. In addition, SNO PRO is approved for use on “Class A” finishes. At only 8 ounces the SNO PRO’s oversized foam head permits for fast and efficient work. The SNO PRO weighs less than half the weight of a regular broom, which prevents potential damage that a heavier tool can cause. A four-foot handle for maximum reach on full size vehicles is included. Have a favorite extender? The SNO PRO can be used with your own inventory of broom and or extension handles for hard to reach places.

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