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SNOBRUM 365 - Car Wash Brush and Snow Remover for Cars and Trucks

1.97 LBS
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Be prepared all year with the SnoBrum 365. Push snow and clean dirt with this space-saving 2-in-1 tool that works hard for you in all seasons. Includes interchangeable snow broom and microfiber mop heads that attach to the 3-piece handle (28 - 28 inch reach). Use a push-broom motion to effortlessly clear snow from your vehicle's roof, hood and windshield. The non-abrasive foam is approved for delicate surfaces and won't scratch your paint / finish. When the snow has melted, use the mop head to clean your vehicle using soapy water. Primarily designed for vehicles, it also works with your boat, solar panel, awning, hot tub cover and more. The SnoBrum 365 is lightweight and collapses for compact storage in your trunk or garage.

  • Clean Dirt and Push Snow – The original winter tool got even prepared all year with the SnowBrum 365! This 2-in-1 device keeps your car shiny all year. During the winter months, it also removes heavy, wet snow from your vehicle. Includes 1 microfiber mop head, 1 foam head for snow removal, and 3-piece handle.
  • Interchangeable Heads – Use the mop head to clean pollen, mud and dirt from your vehicle (fits most buckets). The long handle (28 to 48 inch) helps you reach the roof, hood and windshield easily. Attach the 3 handle pieces together to customize the reach of the SnoBrum 365. Also works great on boats, solar panels, awnings and hot tub covers.
  • A Year Round Tool - Don't risk being late for work or driving with a snow covered vehicle in sub-zero temperatures – be safe and sweep the heaviest snow off your car or truck in minutes using a push-broom motion. The mop head helps you easily clean your car after the snow has melted.
  • Scratch Free – The Sno Brum 365 won’t scratch or scuff your vehicle's delicate paint or finish. The foam snow brush has a crosslinked, high-grade Polyethylene non-abrasive foam head that is approved for most surfaces.
  • Lightweight and Easy Storage – Made and assembled in America using high-grade, durable materials that you can trust to not let you down. The long snow broom 3 piece handle easily collapses for compact, discrete storage in your trunk or garage. Please note: the handle is not telescoping.