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Westek Light and Lamp Dimmer Control - Touch Pad Adds Dimming to Your Lights - 3 Level Lighting, 8 Foot Cord - Add Ambiance to Your Home, Ideal for Bedside, Tableside and Hard to Reach Lamps

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    Imagine you’re relaxing on the sofa with a blanket, cozily watching TV and the light from your tableside lamp is just too bright. Or you’re prepared a romantic meal but the lighting is just too harsh. You might be sitting in your warm bed after finishing reading your book and you just don’t want to have to get out of bed to turn off your hard-to-reach lamp.

    The touch pad light and lamp dimmer control by Westek is the solution for you. It provides easy and functional dimming of your interior lighting devices, so that you can change and reduce the brightness of your lamps as you require. Your purchase includes 2 devices and will control 2 separate lamps.

    It’s easy to install. Simply plug in your lamp into the black compact dimmer module and plug the module into your wall outlet socket. Tap the pad once to switch the light to low. Tap the pad again to turn it to medium. Tap the pad a third time to make the light bright. The fourth tap then turns the light off.

    The touch pad is connected to an 8’ cord so that you can place the pad a distance from the lamp and wherever is convenient for you. It’s perfect for bedside lamps with hard-to-reach controls.

    Because the dimmer reduces the amount of power supplied to the light, using this device lowers the energy consumption of your lighting. This is better for your wallet and the environment.

    A dimmed light is also ideal for creating a relaxing, cozy and romantic ambience and various rooms of your home.

    Note that the device works with incandescent lightbulbs only, up to 200W.

    • TOUCHPAD DIMMER CONTROL - the Westek controller provides easy and functional dimming of interior electric lamps and light fixtures in your home. Use the touch pad to reduce the brightness of your lighting to create the perfect mood in any room of your home
    • DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND - the tabletop touchpads allow you to create dimmable bedside, desk or table lamps without having to awkwardly reach for the lamp controls. The control has an 8 foot wire cord so it can be placed in a convenient location
    • SAVE MONEY AND ELECTRICITY - the dimmer works by controlling the amount of power sent to the bulb and helps you to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. This also helps your bulbs to last longer so that they need to be replaced less frequently
    • SUPER EASY TO INSTALL - simply plugin your lamp into the black compact dimmer module and plug the module into your wall outlet socket. Tap the pad to switch the light from low to medium to bright and then off. Works with incandescent and halogen lightbulbs only, NOT COMPATIBLE WITH LED lights
    • CREATE AN INVITING AMBIANCE IN YOUR HOME - perfect for reading and watching movies or romantic dinners, dimmers create a calm atmosphere in your bedroom and other rooms in your house at night. Decide if you want the lights to be low, medium or high
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