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DampRid Hanging Moisture Absorber Fresh Scent, 14oz (Pack of 6)

9.47 LBS
  • Product Description

    DampRid Hanging Dehumidifier is a nonelectric disposable hanging moisture absorbing closet freshener, with the combination of fresh scent to protect from damage caused by excess moisture. This closet freshener absorbs musty odors caused by stagnant air which creates fresher, healthier air. It can also be used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, storage closets, basements, garages, boats pantries, and anywhere excess moisture and stagnant air are a nuisance.

    • Attracts and traps excess moisture
    • Eliminate musty odors
    • Creates fresher, cleaner air
    • Damprid Hanging Moisture Absorber is so effective, its patented
    • Spill resistant and easy to use
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