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Vole King Plant Baskets - Protect Plants, Trees and Flowers From Voles, Gophers, Moles Without Repellent - Protect Landscaping From Mini Burrowing Animals - A One Time Solution

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0.80 LBS
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  • VOLE KING KEEPS VOLES IN THEIR HOLES – These vole and gopher wire baskets protect your trees, shrubs, flowers and bulbs from voles, moles and gophers. A year-round, one time solution
  • PROTECTS YOUR EXPENSIVE LANDSCAPING – Rodents live and tunnel underground and feed on plant and tree crowns, roots and turf. Vole and mole damage destroys and kills your expensive landscaping from below that will need to be replaced
  • A ONE TIME RODENT SOLUTION – The year-round vole protection eliminates the need for repeated toxic-free and vole deterrent applications, saving you money, time and giving you piece of mind
  • SUPER EASY TO USE – Unroll mesh basket. Remove your garden plant from its container and roll up the Vole King wire cage basket around the root ball so that it is entirely protected by the mesh gopher netting. Install the plant into the potting hole
  • CHECK YOUR DIMENSIONS – Other sizes of Vole King are available. The mesh is flexible and easily forms to newly purchased container plants as well as existing transplants

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