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Angel Guard DD-201 Steel Deck Demon, Heavy-Duty Pallet Breaker and Deck/Roof/Strapping Remover, Wrecking/Demolition Tool, with Extra-Long 44” Cushion-Grip Handle and Dual-Claw Head for Easy Removal

10.70 LBS
  • Product Description

    The Deck Demon is a wrecking bar designed to make demolition easy. It quickly removes any type of decking materials as well as any fasteners left behind. It is the most efficient and effective tool to remove roofing, decking and strapping materials of all kinds. It features a patented dual claw head that provides easy removal of any type of fastener from a standing position. It also features a cushioned handle to guard your hands; no gloves necessary. This tool is versatile and long-lasting, allowing it the capability to handle a multitude of demolition projects now and in the future.

    • QUICKLY REMOVE DECKING/ROOFING/STRAPPING - this versatile device quickly removes any type of decking, roofing, or strapping materials plus any fasteners left behind by evenly lifting and separating boards from their base
    • INCREASE YOUR EFFICIENCY - our large, pry bar style tool is sure to reduce your time and labor invested in deconstructing. The dual-claw head prevents board bending and busting
    • MAXIMUM LEVERAGE - this pallet breaker provides maximum leverage when using the 44" steel handle to make board splitting more like paper splitting. No gloves necessary because of cushion grip end
    • DUAL-CLAW HEAD - you can choose to separate the end of a board from its base with one claw or use both prongs at once to pull up the length of a board with Deck Demon’s dual-claw head
    • LASTING QUALITY - commercial grade, solid steel provides construction for this product that has long-lasting quality for many renovation projects to come
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    1. Well-made, works great for deck and pallet demolition, but handle is hollow, and can be...

      We bought ours here on sale, and it has been very effective and efficient for use in tear-down of the decks we are refurbishing with minimal damage to boards and joists.

      It has also been very helpful in demolishing pallets to reclaim the hardwood boards for repurposing to make other useful things.

      Unfortunately, the hollow handle bent when used in removing some larger boards with thicker nails holding them into the underlying pallet frames.

      It is still useable, but given the bend, the handle is no longer as strong and sturdy as it once was...
      on 4th Feb 2020