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Arrow Mini Ice Cube Trays, 3pk - Easy to Use Flexible Ice Cube Trays Great for Sports Bottles, Blenders, Cocktails and More - Stackable BPA Free Ice Cube Mold with 60 Mini Cube Spaces Per Ice Tray

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What can you do with an ice cube tray besides freeze water to keep your drinks cool?


Make these Arrow Plastic Ice Trays a common household item for your house to work double duty.

This summer impress your friends with interesting and creative recipes that are prepared using an ice tray.

It's an indispensable kitchen tool that makes saving and storing various kinds of food in a way that makes them easy and practical to use later on.

Why not add a little fruity punch to sangria or seltzer water by freezing fruit juice and adding it to your glass. For an extra boost of flavor, throw some cut up pieces of fresh fruit into the juice before freezing.

It is made of durable and break-resistant material that is made to last and ideal for homes with little ones prone to dropping things.

Arrow Products are:

  1. Made in the USA of BPA free food-safe polypropylene material
  2. Durable, Break, Resistant
  3. Dishwasher safe, freezer safe
  4. Stackable ice cube trays
  5. Creates 60 mini cubes/tray
  6. Easy release design

These little ice cube trays are a versatile addition to any freezer; not just for cold drinks, ice cube trays are ideal for freezing baby food puree, making peanut butter cups, frozen desserts, stock cubes, and so much more.

Besides mini cubes are much easier to crush in your blender and great to chew on!

  • Mini Ice Cube Tray, Set of 3 - This set of small ice cube trays create mini ice cubes that are the perfect size for sports bottles, blenders, cocktails, ice coffee or simply for chewing/sucking. Each pebble ice tray creates 60 small, round-bottom cubes. Includes 3 trays (180 cubes total).
  • Must-Have Features - Each food-safe BPA free plastic small ice tray is MADE IN THE USA, dishwasher safe, stackable, reusable, durable and break resistant. Please note that the mini ice tray is made of hard plastic, not soft silicone and do not include lids.
  • Space Saving - The stackable ice cube trays are designed with built-in stacking lugs to help you conserve space in your freezer. Ideal for RVs and dorms. An alternative to a nugget / pebble / bullet / crushed ice maker machine.
  • Easy-Release - Easy to fill with water from the faucet, and empty cubes from the trays -- they pop right out with one twist. Top tip: leave the cubes on your counter for a short period, then place over a large container to neatly release all the cubes at one time.
  • Create Fun Treats - These trays can be used for more than making ice cubes for your cold drinks. Use them to store frozen herbs, garlic cubes, mini coffee cubes or baby food puree. They are also ideal for making hard candy, chocolate bites, and homemade dog treats.

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