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Hornady RAPiD Safe Adjustable Wristband, 98166

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Hornady RAPiD Safe Adjustable Wristband, 98166 - Provides Fast, Touch Free Entry to Hornady Rapid Safes in Emergencies - Includes Stylish Metal Bezel with Hornady Logo, Silicone Band & RFID Chip

  • RAPiD Safe Adjustable Wristband - the Hornady safe wristband, 98166 is used to open your RAPiD Safe in a blink of an eye. The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) key is scanned and the RAPiD safe springs open to present your handgun
  • Convenient Safe Key - compatible with all Hornady Security RAPiD Safes, the RFID chip is placed near the clasp to ensure quick readability. Just hold the wristband over the reader to access your safe quickly
  • Fast Touch Free Entry - just touch and go to grab your firearm and defend against home invasions. Stay prepared with the comfort and security of this Hornady Rapid Safe Wristband accessory
  • Stylish and Adjustable - the stylish metal bezel accent is debossed with the Hornady logo and the black silicone band adjusts from 7 - 9.5 inches
  • RAPID Safe Accessories - Every Hornady Security RAPID Safe can be programmed to read up to 5 RFiD tags. Various tags and accessories are available. RFiD decals can be placed on your phone or any other convenient location

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