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Monopoly Board Game Call of Duty Black Ops by Hasbro Games - Based on Call of Duty Black Ops Video Game - Themed Classic Monopoly - Fun for the Whole Friend Group - Twist on Call of Duty Toys

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    Bringing you an adventurous twist on the classic Monopoly Board Game with: Monopoly Call of Duty Black Ops

    this wartime version of the classic buy and sell game channels the strategy of capitalism into a challenge for players to be the last fighter standing.

    This fun board game is inspired by the Call of Duty video game, drawing from its episodic Black Ops storyline and Cold War setting to create a mirror version of Black Ops onto the game board.

    Your set includes one game board, tokens, 28 Map Deed Cards, 16 Covert Ops and Intel Cards, 32 Command Centers, 12 Headquarters, Custom Face Money, and 2 Dice.

    The game board features 22 locations named after familiar maps such as: Firing Range, Nuketown, Slums, Blackout, Fringe, and Stronghold.

    For this game, you can play as one of 6 sculpted tokens: Attack Dog, Intel Case, Capture the Flag Icon, Dragon Fire drone, Firebreak’s Helmet, or the RC-XD Weapon on Wheels.

    Delve into a fresh version of this classic board game that’s mixed with such an iconic video game with Monopoly: Call of Duty Black Ops.

    • BUILD UP YOUR HQ TO WIN - just like monopoly classic, this is a game of buying and selling. Build up your command center to try to win. Take your chances with your Intel card if you dare
    • INNOVATIVE CHARACTER PIECES - for this call of duty zombies version of monopoly, play as: Intel Case, RC-XD, Dragon Fire, Capture the Flag icon, Attack Dog, or Firebreak’s Helmet
    • MONOPOLIZE YOUR REIGN - earn your Prestige with custom designed Monopoly money in this black board version of the monopoly classic game board games
    • CUSTOM GAME BOARD - this call of duty warzone game board features your favorite multiplayer maps from Black Ops 1, 2, 3 and 4 on call of duty ps4 and call of duty xbox one
    • GAME SPECS - this call of duty merchandise monopoly game is designed for 2-6 Players. For ages 17 and older. Play Time is over 60 minutes
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