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Snapsafe Cable Padlock – Solid Steel - 2 pack (Item No. 75281)

0.97 LBS
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The Snapsafe Cable Padlock features an armored steel cable with one end permanently secured to a keyed, solid steel padlock. The lock prevents the firearm’s action from closing once the lock is properly installed and the firearm is unloaded. To lock: with key turned to farthest clockwise position, insert loose end of cable into padlock. Turn key counterclockwise and remove key. Check that the cable is secure. Useful for autoloading pistols and pump action shotguns, revolvers, and bolt action rifles. These cable padlocks prevent firearms operation when properly secured through the receiver and/or magwell.

  • DESIGNED to fit most handguns, rifles and shotguns.
  • INCLUDES two solid steel locks, keyed alike.
  • TWO-PACK comes with four keys.
  • FEATURES protective PVC cable covers.

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