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Pet Store Wooden Multi-Cat Raised Feeder with 3 Metal Bowls

$22.98 - $24.98
2.66 LBS
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The Pet Store Wood Multi-Cat raised feeder allows you to feed up to 3 cats at once. With its metal bowls, this multi-cat feeder prevents feline acne and it’s a convenient way to feed your cats, because you don’t have to lean over 3 times picking up and placing 3 different bowls. Elevating the food promotes better digestion and allows cats to eat in a comfortable position that lessens joint and neck stress. Raising the food also prevents bugs and dust from getting into the food. This wooden raised feeder features a cute cat-shaped handle that facilitates carrying it. The bowls are 4-3/4”dia x 1-5/8” height. Each bowl has a capacity of approximately ¾ cup dry food. Height of bowls from the ground is 4-1/8”. The bowls are removable and dishwasher safe on top rack. The unit requires an easy assembly. The assembly hardware is included.

  • Raising the food promotes better digestion
  • Elevating the food keeps unwanted bugs from getting in the food
  • Each cat has its own bowl, preventing food competition
  • Removable metal bowls prevent feline acne
  • Bowls are top rack dishwasher safe